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This is what I am envisioning for my wedding reception.

This is another outdoor wedding that I really like.  I love how they did the Christmas lights over the reception area.  Jon and I are considering holding an evening wedding (7PM) with deserts and dancing to follow. 
I love these hanging lanterns.  I think it would look great to do the same with Mason jars to keep with the Southern feel of the wedding.

Hi Everyone.  I am starting this blog to keep track of my inspirations for my upcoming wedding.  Our date is May 9, 2009.  Jon and I have gotten a photographer and I already have the dress but we have yet to decide the theme.  I refuse to let Jon see the dress and since he will most likely view this blog I will not post pictures of my attire for the wedding. 

As for the wedding, we are certain it will be outdoors, however, the location is still to be determined.  It may be at my parent’s farmhouse or it may be at another outdoor locale in South Georgia, possibly a hunting plantation or local country club. 

I really intend on the wedding being simple.  Jon and I are going to try to keep or wedding party small.  My preference would just be to have my sister as Maid of Honor and no bridesmaids.  The main thing I am concerned about at the wedding is food and music.

I have not decided on a theme yet but I want something relaxed and fun for guests.  Hopefully, blogging will help me develop a theme and I certainly open to any suggestions!  Thank you for helping!